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"The 'Listening Project' is long overdue. This 'Listening Project' to me represents originality, longevity, and hip hop heart. Producing these tracks involved a lil' bit of spirit, right place-right time and destiny. Each song Fidel handled like he had already heard the track before it was even made. When you have this certain chemistry with the artist and producer you know you gonna have some great timeless music" - Jay G (exclusive producer of all the tracks on The Listening Project)


released October 18, 2013

All Songs written by Viva Fidel (*unless indicated) For TPC Media / Viva Fidel Publishing (ASCAP)
All Songs produced & mixed by G Sound Musik
All Songs Recorded by G Sound Musik (*unless indicated) for Jakya & Jaylin Daddy Publishing (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


vivafidel Knoxville, Tennessee

Internationally known for his crazy work ethics. More than an Performing Artist, Viva Fidel is affectively using the ancient elements of HIPHOP as a global vehicle for political and social revolution.

t: @vivafidel
IG: vivafidelinfo
FB: vivafidel
BTR: vivafidel
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Track Name: INTRO 414
brew city

muder mil
killa mil
let me get some more
cream city
P waukee
milwaukee talkee
the ill mill
the county
dont down me just crown me
midwest offical
reppin for the eastside of everywhere
we worldwide u never there
this is my strnghold
this is my launch pad
they all know my dad the movement aint a fad
this all i ever had right offa north ave
witnessin the madness listenin to the sadnes
watchin all the misery
on top of that they finna be exposed for they trickery
corrup[ted politicains playin games with the peoples lives
then mcgee formed a militia said be ready to fight
so we started a boot kamp
for my soldiers on hamp burliegh , 4-5, 2-6,
its packed in this bitch
everybody know everybody be cautious bout ya moves
they out here searchin for identity with somethin to prove and nothin to loose
cause we leadin the stats
its all bad for blacks & browns
my spanish speakin familia on the other side of town
divided by a bridge
its terror segregated where we live
they call it the new selma
let the elders tell ya it used to be magic
now we back to have it!

my music is a warning on these streets
the police state
the murder rate
the racist media fakes
boycott the foreigners if they treat you with hate
nah it aint safe
and its like this across the nation
unemployment is higher than graduation
thats a ski mask equation
of a home invasion
mob beatings by the pigs in blue like frank jude
conspiracy and coverup is real on the field
smashin down locust tryin to kepp my focus
weather unpredicatible
women somethin critical
communicate with pimps and products of panthers
Pstone & Folk nation our standin army waitin
im startin up the strdegies for our survival
cause them devils is comin you gonna need more than ya bible
dust off ya rifle stack up ya supplies
this experimental town
the mafia ties
dr. james cameron is a icon in my eyes
the Al jarreau's as a youngsta i heard him flow
a voice so beautiful
we diamonds in the rough
see the way its set up living isnt enough
its a pressurized hot bed not a challenge to warriors
cuz this place prepaer us for what the world has in store for us!

this is bigger than 24's
more power than a .40 glock
this is the potential of the shorties burnin up the block
maximized outlook shaped into an enterprise
we nuclear with numbers but we so quick to divide
scrappin over crumbs
scratch the numbers off the gun
throw it away get another one
they ask where you from
jeffery dahmer still get a mention pay attention
its so many chuches it'll make god get nervous
is ya sunday service still servin a purpose
the lord dont like ugly but i was broke & hungry
see center st. stories i can tellem for days
im from the RBG on MLK
look both ways this the city of game
they quick to take advantage of a outta town lame
and aint no shame either make you a believer
its cool to be a leader & not a blood sucker
we replaced gangs w mathematics & hip hop culture

414 decded on rap genius:
Take this moment in history multiply it a thousand times for whenever they mention me and quote my rhymes
represent the voiceless , all in together now
this is the point where the hood stand proud
fists in the air, look at the crowd
the conversation of the nation gone have to change
my music is home schooling , boy who you think you fooling?
this a new level
if we think like a team we could be eating like kings
and make'em respect it cause we all connected
business development /amazing intelligence
global love , i give the planet a hug
cause I'm larger than America , bigger than the world think
breaking the sterotypes to break the bank
motivate and moving forward, before you know if
I'm off on another stage to get the youth engaged!
how we gone win in the future if we lose today?
killing the game , bring life on the mic
in the beginning was the word
can i shed some light? life?

break from radio interview :
viva fidel: alright, so explain to my listeners a little about this project , this assignment , your class and a little bit about this discussion we're going to be having today.
Dr. Townsend: A significant portion of the course is dedicated to understanding Hip Hop culture, and its relation to Black Reality

Verse 2:

The culture was bashed now we teaching the class
leading the mass
bring the flags together
we clebratin' , the other side hatin'
where do you stand in the movement for self improvement?
work your plan and plan your work
they ask where I'm from.....
the Earth is my turf
born on Planet Rock , the beat don't stop
my street poetry make the media notice me
police play us closely trying to be nosey
I'm moving fast in silence
don't promote violence, thats a different thing from self-defense
this is just a intro , call up the kinfolk
summon the underground, spread the good news
special report I write my thoughts, keep a long story short
trying to gather the masters
get rich faster - cause we headed for disaster
these the scrolls of preparation , how many times i gotta say it , say it?

break 2 from interview:
Dr. Townsend: and a part of this because of my research interest personally involves understanding how Hip Hop can be used as a tool to promote social change.

verse 3:
Banging like its supposed to forever on fire-that means its infinitely lit
building bridges for independents linking with the real
sharing tools on the battle field
thinking bout the world tour, speak it into existence
movies on the big screen, living the dreams
doing tracks with my favorite emcees
flying overseas, building something for the seeds
major conversations and solutions
thats all I'm dealing with
I guess thats what is all really meant...
aint no sides to a circle - so i don't mess with squares
let me "Take U There" or listen here...
the civilized rise to teach
so the babies can survive , preach!
everything else is emotional
let the tears flow, take a seat shotgun
let me drop one, eyes on the road
god speed limit slow this aint no race, we got dreams to chase...

Break 3 from interview
Dr Danna: They are also asked submit interview questions that they would like to ask Fidel, which will be the substance of the interview today but before we get to the questions, I think it might be beneficial for your listeners Fidel to............
Track Name: THE BEST

Take the artistic expression , straight from the heart
then straight to the world so yall can pick'em apart
have me hesitating, cause I'm educating
careful communication creating a capsule of time
compiled in rhymes , word into scripture
verses hit up on walls - graffiti pictures
no superstitions at all or luck involved
I signed myself up for the job and i finally took my spot
never intended to pretend to get to the top - this is HIP HOP
so many things to so many people
and its so powerful its almost illegal
the power of the people eloquently stated
the universal language , something sacred
and I'm telling stories that the ancients told
every since I was a youngster I felt old
now I'm forever, writing timeless letters
for generations to come
send'em across the world at the push of a button , it aint nothin....


The epitome of ME thats all I can be
so take ya own advice and live ya own life
this that spotlight-speed-mental-redemption
she said "what that mean?"
baby just listen..
We so in the moment cant waste a second
using what we know to help us learn what we don't
so I beg'em to listen, but most of'em won't
pouring out my soul into the cell phone notes
phone home quotes, ufo smoke, head phone dope
they call me 'Viva' - cause i'm immortalized
now rewind my lines and see what you've been missing
promise land vision, 3rd eye wisdom
when you see me, you see what i'm saying
stand firm , listen and learn, this is ya only concern

Gigalo JG:
Operate on my own terms believe in my song words
I aint gone lie thats why i'm so fly
on a beat my creative juices pump like adrenaline
a walking beat factory the way I be producing
I know the spirit with me he will never steer me wrong
before this song the microphone was'nt even coming on
I guess verse was a blessing in the making
or what shall I say to feel like it was forsaken
music is my life and this life is fantastic
be blessed to find ya passion with all ya might kept at it
and I'm a end on that one , pass it on to some one
Gigalo JG each one teach one!
Track Name: NEW WARZ
Yes! yes!
G Sound , Viva Fidel - we organizing!

Everything you see in the world , you gone see at your door
America under martial law starting 'New Warz'
I ain't gone waste no time I ain't got the energy
I use every line to undermine the enemy

My, My music is a weapon against white supremacy and I ain't scared to say it....
Yall just scared to play it
And my white fans lovin it they don't give a fuck about the government
But that ain't all it is....
We converting all these kids
Take a mental pilgrimage and reminisce
To your traditional heritage, now tell me this
Would you go back in time, or travel to the future
If you had the chance, to rewind or advance....
Would you take a glance at ya life
Realize ya own legacy?
This is 360 mutal heavenly for all my Ebony queens
Who definitely need the love and the therapy
I had a dream...

Everything you see in the world, you gone see at your door
America under martial law starting New Warz
I ain't gone waste no time that ain't the solution
I use every line to spark a revolution

They ask me "what happened to hip hop"?
And I say "he shot a cop, and now he on the run and they ain't gone never find the gun" - but now they profiling everyone....
And its constant danger
Economic anger
I make it hard on a traitor
And make it my movie trailer
Blame it on mamma nature for the trees that made the paper
My notebook full of razors, my pen is like a laser
You see inferred beams, my team is the Taste Emcees- 5 star Gs
Speaking truth to power and spread it overseas
Remove all the doubters with pure poetry
My 'Listening Project'
Live & direct prescription medicine, my plot is evident
Locate the leaders , warriors & teachers
The real elevation, coming through ya speakers

Everything you see in the world you gone see at ya door
America under martial law starting 'New Warz'
I ain't gone waste no time that ain't the strategy
I use every line to uplift the family
Never Surrender! Always Remember!

Have you ever wanted to say what you were really thinking?
put the pen to the pad , or go straight off the dome!
get you some release therapy, a moment of clarity
When I recite- it's silent, psychologically violent
let me tell you bout this life I lead - A mastermind
past the concept of time, rhyming shit amazing
archived and ageless, scribbeled out on pages
the days of my life shared with out fear for the world to hear
the word is the weapon, the message is clear
execute ya mission, step up ya bigger vision!
this is called upliftment, its time to take you higher
I help you get through the fire! Got something to inspire
the ones I love even the few that hate
this just a test of faith
keep ya head on straight, don't never turn ya back!
It's going down, just like that.

Never Surrender , Always Remember!

Staying on that war zone mentality reality is art
and this is frontline love
reinforcement for our forces
somebody gotta step up up and become a voice for the voiceless
teach our youth about back before the poison
so they can balance out their choices
and see the "trap" before they step in it
by now we already know how you go out and get it
don't get offended , see greed make the smartest muthaf*ka get stupid
now rap is like a hustle they don't even honor the music
don't be scare to stand strong put yo thinking cap on
and tilt that....
here hit this....
don't even trip...
don't event trip...
Never Surrender Always Remember

Yes ,
because right now, through the truthful revelations that we have to deal with and face in our own homes, where our own hearts' at
and right within our own families , in our own communities
we gotta step up and step out and fix
some of these situations

In other words, our conversations need some elevation
you understand what i'm saying?
It's for real..It might be normal to some ya know, and It might be strange and unheard of to others...
But can you identify your enemy? I mean really?
what was you sent here for?
everything happens for a reason, what did you happen for?
you gotta ask yaself....
All across the Planet Rock, we show love
it's a survival instinct, we barely get a chance to bllnk out here
spittin' these lines, standing up being a spine
and being a strength representing generations of intelligence!
Like that...
Track Name: ACCOUNTABLE (Good Things)
They starting to hold us men accountable for the things we say
And even ya actions you are accountable
For the things we do
So its all up to you
Be the reason
Set the record straight
Be a leader
So you can teach them
Before life gets in their way

Cause good things dont always last
Get this knowledge while the gettin is good, I know that you should
Because good things dont always last
And i know you need that.

Verse 1:
Speaking in tounges and native codes
so when they ear hustlin they might not know
think about ya words because they carry weight
i don't spit about slangin' yay' cause thats not my real life
some men feel like they can fake it to make it
I say get with they authentic and let go of the gimmicks
I dont cater to no labels , be a major independent
power on the vocal chords , life on the mic
heaven on Earth , bless the new births
they gone be what they see - turn off the tv
train ya mind to get ready for new beginings
cause all good things come with instant endings
choices and decisions , no excuses, boy ya betta listen!
It's up to you , now what ya gone do?
Hip Hop got center stage prime time spot light
we break the stereotypes by gettin the ghetto right
destroying the confusion by building the solution
lacing the music with the antidote
some just dance others scan for quotes...
give'em what they want let'em know what they need

They starting to hold us men accountable for the things we say
And even ya actions you are accountable
For the things we do
So its all up to you
Be the reason
Set the record straight
Be a leader
So you can teach them
Before life gets in their way

Cause good things don't always last
Get this knowledge while the gettin is good, I know that you should
Because good things don't always last
And I know you need that

Verse 2:
We gotta be the voice of reason
the example for the village
we got enough killers - we need some healers
this is ya remedy some mental medicine
when things get hectic and they need some settlin
"resolutionary" approach to the choas
breaking the cycles be the answer to ya own prayers
protect ya name , by watching ya mouth
cause talking too much could f*** ish!* up!
stay in yo lane like the riders say
you got the right to be quite
or spark off a riot
we breaking down barriers and educate automatic
known to cause static and get the job done
this is peace, love and having fun
you aint gotta bring yo gun
good things don't last if we don't know how to act
and we don't wanna hear it but it's a straight up fact
you got a problem, admit it , fix it and forget it
the party don't stop the beat don't quit
this is ya ultimate gone run with it!
this is ya ultimate gone run with it! Hay!

They starting to hold us men accountable for the things we say
And even ya actions you are accountable
For the things we do
So its all up to you
Be the reason
Set the record straight
Be a leader
So you can teach them
Before life gets in their way

Cause good things don't always last
Get this knowledge while the gettin is good, I know that you should
Because good things don't always last
And I know you need that....
Gigalo JG:
Gigalo JG I gotta get it in
branded by the OGs my fraternity in the wind
and I aint gotta try to live out my raps nothing fabricated
inner city raised I get around the map
the game came in one ear I let it settle in
and now embedded in my skin with the melanin
Great lake game spitta aiming for the top pillar
my mental hot, double barrel with the crabs in'em
doin my damn thang, did'nt do the dope mane
drove down the driveway got double on the dope game
thats how you living when decisions have you moving fast
and I decided on this here grind and countin' cash
but aint knockin' like I heard , hustle with a plan
and be prepared cause every plan run into a jam
and every friend aint a friend when he facin' 10
and hoes disappear when ya running low on ends

wake up, wake up to win put myself in a better place
no short cuts gotta keep a steady pace
Breathe Deep, don't blink, can't think about sleep
stay focused on the finish line
I know I'm gettin' mine
destined for greatness , no matter how much they hate this
read the signs , you can have heaven or hell
will this currency collapse?
whats gone happen in 2012?
time will tell , or Fidel will reveal
I can barley pay attention trying to pay all these bills
listen, niggas keep it real but its really all relative
and its all related, replayed and relived
you get what you give but don't fuck up the rotation
thats the universal law
I keep my verses raw
let ya thoughts flow, let ya self go
uplift the ghetto from the boombox perspective
the world was watching when we was poppin & lockin
now the elders is listening and our children paying attention
and Hip Hop has just about replaced religion....
Did I just say that?
they aint gone play that...

Gigalo JG:
No one really knows when 'illuminati' gone strike
so free is how I'm living my life
never changing feeling like an ambassador for 414
the way I love the 808 quake bang thru the floor
I'm a guawp chasing monster on a track I spit my life
I was down from the jump thats how I earned these stripes
who said the only thing they wanna hear is how to move white?
what about the ones graduated made it out doin right?
only a 4th of yall dealers
15% snitching
40% square
20 dead or in prison
the hood outta control
its "Poison" like Michael Bivens
the kids know "Ieasha" but don't know they 'ABC's'
this is audio perspective my observation of things
tell me, when you get the green is it everything you dream?

we gotta make the most out the time being
look at what I'm seeing
signs of serious things not to be neglected
we gotta make sure that the fortress is protected
con artists and infiltrators desguised as friends
family keep it fake
everybody pretend
when the lines is crossed, I chalk up my loss
I don't have to floss, cause we paid the price, reflect the results , put some years on ya life....
Past , present & future all in one line
oh the places I've been to by the time that 16 thru
ohh, don't let me get started
I need these beats to feed these streets
and the Universities, my people overseas
bring that feeling back fast forward past the foreplay
we instantly build, instinct in the Murder Mil
You don't say, cause nigga thats my job
substance and stamina they whippin out they cameras
upload my lifestyle - download my G-Files
catch me between clouds and you might see a smile...

Track Name: G FILES
viva fidel:
Grapple with me....
active affirmations
trafficking back & forth
in between news flashes
and indecent propositions
i'm in a heaven of a position
trying not to get sweated by a pig
a swine
a blood sucker
lollipop, hitch hiking, side speaking imitatiors
need not even speak on these
serious vibrations
made from the original seed
Groove and Krush
Rock, Bounce, Break
stop all the hate!
we see through the politricks
and the distractions
Its time for a new satisfaction...ultimately
and right on time
we stash this right in the G Files
as the secrets stalk the streets
keep ya lil dividends to yourself
take ya last breath and get this right
we have arrived
we are here to help
this is Healthy Hip Hop
I am viva fidel
signing out, right here
We arrived on the rise on the ride to excellence
the 'ignit' get with it , as well as the intellegnet
cause nowadays they playing tricks with yo gas
thats funkin' with yo food
which means yo ass
if we don't get organized and switch the conversation
not applied to you , I mean ya babies generation
then we mine as well stop reproducing
but that'll be the day when JG stops producing....
never, never comes
be careful with ya tounge
it's deadly like a machine gun
where Im from? and probably ya hood too
it's always the fakest that portray to be the true
so what you do?
keep ya life separate
let them be salty while we sprinkle the peppers
you don't need the fake necklace
just take it to ya essence and God will be present! yea!

Milwaukee raised me, Hip Hop saved me
they say we crazy but they can't fade me
vivafidel is more than a name
consider me a weapon i spit wit aim

pushing through the poltricks, I don't side step
self-made vet
i warn you bout the threats
and do a dilligent delivery
the spirits talk to me so I know that they hear me
and clearly I'm drove by a bigger cause
so I'm speedin past while ya stuck lookin lost
we knowing bout banging and slangin since the 70s
the world waiting on something new, check out my melody
you fresh off the slave ship , talkin that slave shit
our job is to uplift and take you higher
I take you higher than the average cat
I'm more like a Black Panther
with that 10 point answer

talk innerlude:
YO and we already know
Milwaukee is just a small piece of the planet
its not where you're from, its where you're at
and we not talking about physically
cause we keep it moving & we keep it grooving!

Milwaukee raised me, Hip Hop saved me
they say we crazy but they can't fade me
vivafidel is more than a name
consider me a weapon i spit wit aim

yea, this is the business fa sho
I got plenty mo
we 414
survival of the fittest
you better hope you got a witness
cause MPD is evil as the devil
no matter ya level
we in this together
since before the beginning fightin for life
now we fightin this system of oppression on site
I write to incite the original warriors
I'm something like a forienger to a loser enviornment
if I aint winning , I aint trying it
you gonna see riots and choas
but who gonna who gone be prepared
stop, look & listen don't get scared
just roll with me and be revolutionized
then take it back to ya people and change some lives
now is our time
the truth steal the shine
cause we straight up dying with the blind leading the blind

Milwaukee raised me, Hip Hop saved me
they say we crazy but they can't fade me
vivafidel is more than a name
consider me a weapon i spit wit aim
Track Name: CAN'T YOU SEE

Cant you see we were meant to be 3x

(me & you)

See its crazy how love goes and time flies

We met looked into each other’s eyes it changed both our lives

Straight natural high

Somethings just meant and seem heaven sent

And when things get bent it feel like a curse

Supposed to be for better or for worse

We heal eachother’s like a doctor and a nurse

Searching for a cure

Communication pure

Working on our understanding

Forget what the other’s say, they aint happy anyway
we breakin cycles building something strong

This aint one of them other type of songs

Cause it takes a real rider, things get deep

We working it with like minds let the rest stay sleep

Identify the purpose of our partnership

Stick to the script we live to uplift

And give it from the heart

That’s why it feel so good when it finally start

But of course you smart

You attracted the most brilliant mind

I travel through time and put it in rhyme

(Numerology reader:

your stone is Malachi

it will help you face your fears

and bring change

your character, you are fair minded

and have an air of authority about you that commands respect

you are naturally good at whatever you feel passionitly about

and you know where you’re going and you will get there

when you love, you love completely…


Can’t you see? We where meant to be x2

(fuck that, listen, listen, can you listen?)

can we speak on the positive

and concentrate our energy on the outcome that we wanna live?

Nobody can bring you that peace inside

That’s something else that ya own self gotta provide

As much as you my reflection

Sometimes there’s no connection

One day its perfect and the next minute its worthless

Emotions gotta be controlled by the higher mind

That’s how bad situations get worse half the time

Announce ya admiration

Don’t be scared to be honest

Cause its nothing to fear

Tomorrow aint promised

So be wise and rise, elevate

“stay together” like Al Green

escape the hate

cause we don’t need that energy

focused on you & I

the original remedy

and bring balance to each other, good chemistry

they say its all in the stars

and that women is from venus and men is from mars

or something like that

and its certain things that’ll never be the same

but you live and you learn the rules of the game

its circumstance that don’t happen by chance

maybe it was that 1st glance

maybe it was that 1st dance

maybe , maybe..

(aint no maybes when you making them babies!”)

Hook: Cant you see we were meant to be” 4x

(Numerology reader: you were born to influence others in some way and have an inner core of strength that serves you well, you end up being a guide or an inspiration to those around you. This is helped by you being strong enough to be scrutinized. Not many people can handle the responsibility you will have in your life.

But you will love it.

Love. You will find a muse, someone you can adore whom you will chase with all your might. Even if they come to you, you love to be the one to shower them with affection because it makes them feel better about themselves.


Can’t you see, we were meant to be...
Folks & Peoples
grinding out here working hard trying to get them bucks
blowing weed smoke
tomorrow aint promised so today we gone live it up

I, been a player cool as central air
shit you hear, scent you smell
chocolate tai weed that we inhale
you say ya mans hotter than me?
he must be in hell...
i don't wear no Bathing Apes just Timbs & Shells
I don't handcuff no hoe like she in jail
keep it P-I till I D-I
purse 1st ass last
keep the coochie to yaself, I rather have that cash
hard dick & doublemint is all that you sluts'll get
& I aint gotta buck the trick , came a long way from hustlin nicks
and ya cant sell dope forever
drop my work up on the scale talking bout desperate measures
you workin on this hell while we in search for heaven
you aint gaurneteed in cause you at church with the reverend
shit like this make me tilt my brim, pop my collars
brush my shoulders for lint, do it for them

Folks & Peoples
grinding out here working hard trying to get them bucks
blowing weed smoke
tomorrow aint promised so today we gone live it up

on everything I love this life is like a drug
wake up down south in G Sound Studios
go to sleep thinking... where them 24 hours go?
in between time zones, traveling at the speed of thought
I glide when I walk , I'm fly when I talk
The Maker, The Owner
if I don't got her I don't want her
it's a great day breaking bread in the "A"
then its back on the road or jet to the airport
taste the fine living
I lace divine rythmns
its Viva Fidel, I got yo back like a cape
I'm like a ghetto super hero with the shit I create
erasing ya memory of every emcee thats fake
they relate to my story and my rise to glory
it's graffiti animated but it ain't no cartoon
we embrace everybody but give us our room
yea it's always on so you gotta stay strong
thats why we make these songs!

Folks & Peoples
grinding out here working hard trying to get them bucks
blowing weed smoke
tomorrow aint promised so today we gone live it up
Build Not Battle

"we conversate , contemplate ,see love dont wait and love dont hate

Speak from ya heart and take a deep breath

Lets come to an understanding and stick to our planning

In so many ways we communicate to keep our frequency tight

On ya darkest days you can use this as ya light

We eye to eye cussing and fussin

When emotions take over just dead the disscussion!

Somebody bound to say something...

See, words so powerful like my classic quotes

When we sit down and talk it sound like classic beautiful music notes...

The keys to peace , listening to each and every word

Its nobody's business but guess what I heard

We gone build not battle

Cause all that is is just a waste of time, if it take ten hours or ten minutes just speak your mind

And be civilized then keep it movin

Everybody so quick to fight then get to shootin

We stop talking to our neighbors and keeping up with fam

Who else you gone call you can't trust your fake friends

I see'em puttin on that face , thats what it take to stay alive

People don't even speak , say 'peace', or say 'HI , how ya doin'?

But everybody looking around at our community ruined

Then niggas get on the mic and spit a fantasy killer life

Maybe im talking to a wall , or maybe im talkin to my brothers

They let me one ear , then I drop some jewles before I come out the other

We gone build not battle

And its a pleasure to meet you too we can start this off right

I translate ,intrepretate, state my case by the look on my face

6 degress all of a sudden turn to 3 when your ideas are expressed to me

Taking over the table and family meetings

Soaking up game from the elders , and OGs , then pass it to the young seeds

Mind detect mind , if you great we probably think alike, some things better not brought to light

Just pay attention to the wisdom, the tradition in my dna

Rythmn and poetry , bringing things to life

I buss for therapy and cuss for clarity

And all we gotta do is unite, unite, unite, yea

We gone build not battle
Let me see you work that body
do you know how to rock the party?

work that room
clap ya hands
get on the floor
and do that dance
hands in the air if you love ya life
release ya fear
at least for night
move in closer
touch and go
she like it fast
but she like it slow
they all love to show their body
but do you really know how to rock the party?

Let me see you work that body
do you know how to rock the party?

professional, but like a pro
you aint gotta ask cause you already know
VIP come with me and JG
this aint for all eyes to see
we got more for everybody
but ya gotta know how to to work that party

Let me see you work that body
do you know how to rock the party?

gimmie one more shot and im audi
but we got get one more hottie
and she gotta know how to work that body
and she be scared to work a party

Let me see you work that body
do you know how to rock the party?