by vivafidel



Very special release from on Earth!
"Be Creative" captures a super charged, right at home, in the pocket pitching positive energy verse over a G Sound Musik original. Loaded smokin' lines that transition into some poetic spoken words just in time to introduce the then 3yr old daughter....

Jay G sent this beat unannounced one day....and the rest is our story...


"BE CREATIVE" - written by vivafidel

I immediately started my rituals
no need to conform to ya standards
I was on my morning norm splashing some paint on the canvass
before I get dressed I make something fresh
create my own blessings workin smart w endless ammo
my energy channeled, angelic in ya face
as soon as I awake from space the chase begins
original thoughts, actual manifestations
discipline like listening to the forces of nature
voices of creators deciphering the magic
that's my background soundscape
as i'm maxin round my place
or should I say palace, I only bring balance
my family call me Fever , a bonafide Libra
gone on a road trip
plottin the next impact
organize the leaders to liberate the people
transmit facts in raps to trap you in possibilities
unified rebellion is our responsibility
descendants of illuminated giants
my alliance with scientists is like the black power fist;
strength in numbers, look around the underground
middle finger to the feds, take a piss on ya death beds
buck the police and everybody that’s down with’em
(I had to throw that in there) the sound of my ism
surround me with wisdom, well rounded women
we livin to be giving so I multiply the fruits of my labor
a creator with a master plan
so I share it with my neighbors and build it with my bare hands
From my mind comes the divine design; Uh! On Earth!
reference my greatness , hieroglyphics in the sky
no matter what your soundwave of survival is
just give the utmost upliftment from wherever you live’s really on out here!
let us meditate together
let us harmonize
can you feel the the pressure in the atmosphere?
and the fire sittin in the throne of my soul
war is being instigated and evolved
while electric desire and magnetic feelings collide to ascend
and start a whole new sequence
it’s a process like this
the unbecoming and
and getting off of that reactionary thought train
oh you’ve been trained,you’ve been programmed,

Creators,Creators like JG, GSound, Viva Fidel….
Kali Maa take us out of here….

all rights reserved (c) 2015


released November 30, 2015
Track produced by G Sound Musik
Written & performed by Viva Fidel
Recorded by Shafi 'Mr Filthy'



all rights reserved


vivafidel Knoxville, Tennessee

Internationally known for his crazy work ethics. More than an Performing Artist, Viva Fidel is affectively using the ancient elements of HIPHOP as a global vehicle for political and social revolution.

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